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Lip Filler


lip fillers Brisbane
lip fillers Brisbane

Lip fillers are the most popular treatment of all our dermal filler treatments.

Lip fillers can do the following:

  1. Enhance volume in your lips
  2. Correct asymmetry between the left and right side
  3. Correct ratio of volume between the upper and lower lip
  4. Soften smokers lines
  5. Eliminate or reduce lipstick bleed lines
  6. Improve the look of scarring around the lip due to chicken pox scars / acne scars etc.

If any of the above concern you, feel free to come in for a complimentary consultation. We can discuss your concerns first and I will give you an honest and professional opinion on whether I believe the treatment will deliver a good result.

A very effective and strong topical local anaesthetic cream is placed on your lips prior to the treatment to allow the treatment to be as tolerable as possible. In the 5 years of injecting, I have never had any patient ask me to stop the treatment midway because it was too unbearable 

Aftercare will be discussed during the treatment and you will be given an aftercare leaflet. A follow up will be made the day after to check everything is OK and a review appointment is encouraged to ensure everything has settled down nicely.