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How to choose a cosmetic injector

Choosing a cosmetic injector can be frightening if you have never had any treatment before and may not have a solid understanding how what product is being injected and what are the expected results and the side effects.

The following are 3 helpful tips on how to choose an appropriate cosmetic injector.

  1. Check the qualifications and experience of the injector. In Australia, they must be at the very least a Registered Nurse with specific training in the area of cosmetic injectables. Ask to see certificates of training and look at the dates of when the training sessions were held on the certificate.
    Also ask the following questions…

    • How long have you been practicising for?
    • How often do you practice in the area of injectables? Is it daily / weekly or even less?
    • Ideally you want someone who iniects on a daily basis, (as their main job) not someone who does it “on the side” and injects only weekly or even less!
  2. Word of mouth/Referrals. Knowing someone who has had cosmetic injectables before and knowing they have been happy with the results is a great bonus. Even better if this person had been seeing the same injector on multiple occasions. You can ask them how they felt about the experience and how comfortable the procedure was. Many people have had treatment done but not likely to share details unless they are asked….. so ask! You will be surprised at who has injectables these days.
  3. Free consultations – check the injector provides free consultations so you can ask as many questions as possible BEFORE going ahead with the treatment. I truly believe the MOST important part of appointment is the consultation. This is where the injector can really understand what the patient’s concerns are then advise if the treatment is going to be appropriate and deliver a great result.

A good injector will ALWAYS advise their patients what possible side effects are so that the patient is making an INFORMED decision.

If you are interested in finding out more information, please feel free to contact me for a complimentary consultation. I am located at Kangaroo Point, less than 15 minutes away from Brisbane CBD, and can help answer all your questions relating to anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers.

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