Anti-wrinkle injectables Brisbane

Debunking top 3 myths for dermal fillers

People who have not had any cosmetic injectables before often get confused between dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections.Below are the top 3 myths about dermal fillers to help you get the facts straight!

Myth 1 : Dermal fillers do the same job as anti-wrinkle injections.

Fact : Anti-wrinkle injections relax the muscles to soften lines around the face which are caused by contraction of the muscles, whilst dermal fillers restore and add volume to the face, giving a youthful, plumper look.

Myth 2 : It will make me look artificial/‚Äúdone.”

Fact : Each syringe contains 1ml of filler which is equivalent to 1/5th of a kitchen teaspoon. It is impossible to look artificial/done based in such a small amount! It is only when you start using multiple syringes in the one area that it can become unnatural looking.

Myth 3 : It will not last long.

Fact : The range of fillers available nowadays can last anywhere from 4mths to 2yrs depending on which one you choose and where on the face it is delivered to. So much is patient dependent too and how quickly your body breaks down and dissolved the dermal filler. For areas of the face where is more movement (ie. Around the mouth) the filler may not be as long lasting as to areas where movement is less (ie. Cheeks and tear troughs)

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